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Change-over panels MED

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Change-over panels MED

Product features

  • Central gas supply system with automatic change-over function for hospitals
  • For operation with a cryogenic tank and up to 2 batteries of gas cylinders
  • Including connections for 2 manifolds for gas cylinders
  • Designed for oxygen, compressed air, synthetic air, nitrous oxide, carbon dioxide or nitrogen
  • For flow rates up to 25 or 100 m³/h
  • Suitable for gas cylinder pressure (emergency supply) up to 300 bar
  • Pressure regulators with high control accuracy
  • Dual stage pressure reduction
  • Safety pressure gauge according to DIN EN ISO 5171
  • 2 safety relief valves to protect the main line
  • Redundant system

Technical data


Inlet pressure P1 max. 300 bar
Outlet pressure P2 max. 6 bar
Pipes and fittings:
Pressure regulators and valves:

brass / stainless steel

Cryo tank:
Cylinder batteries:

Pressure gauges:
Relief valves:
Safety valves:
Waste gas:

1" brazing stub
G 1/2" bull nose
G 3/4" union nut
G 1/4" female
G 3/8" bull nose
G 3/4" male
G 1/4" female

Temperature range -30°C to +60°C
Leak rate < 1x10-3 mbar l/s He
Panel MED 100:

Panel MED 25:

62 kg
40 kg